Livingstone school of nursing was opened in 1957, at that time the institution used to train Enrolled Nurses. In 1999, the institution stopped training enrolled nurses and converted to a Registered Nursing training school. To date the school is still offering the Registered Nursing Programme.
In July 2013, a Registered Midwifery Program was introduced. The institution has also been allowed to start training HIV Nurse Practioners in January 2014.
The teachers at the institution are referred to as tutors; the head of the institution is the principal tutor. There are 10 tutors. The tutors are trained at the University of Zambia school of Medicine and hold either Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and or Masters of Nursing Sciences) there are 6 clinical instructors (Qualified as RN/RM).

  • 2 Accountants ( NATEC level), 1 Secretary (certificate level), 2 Librarian (Bachelor’s degrees level), 2 Assistant librarians( diploma level). It also has 1 Housekeeper, 4 Cooks, 4 Maids and 2 Outdoor workers

Graduate Attributes

  • Identify and solve problems in which responses demonstrate that responsible decisions using critical and creative thinking have been done.
  • Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organization and community.
  • Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information.
  • Use science and technology effectively and critically showing responsibility towards the environment and health of others
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognizing that problem-solving context do not exist in isolation.
  • Demonstrate competence and compassionate care towards patients, families and communities.


Livingstone school of nursing and midwifery is a public institution in Livingstone city. The faculty, administrators, staff and students actively participates in an academic community that focus on provision of quality nurse education. We dedicated to yield graduates who are proficient with good moral standards. We believe that competent nursing practice occurs when professional nurses demonstrate the values and ethics of the profession in their roles as care giver, communicators, critical thinker, researcher, leader, manager and teacher. Students begin as novice and graduate as advanced beginners with potential to become nurse experts. Our graduates develop the flexibility and creativity needed to adapt their expression of the seven competencies to the context of care. Livingstone Schools of Nursing and Midwifery with its unique mission and vision as a liberal teaching institution provides a rich learning environment to students.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Livingstone school of nursing and midwifery to prepare nurses who will provide competent and compassionate health care to individuals, families and communities. The nursing faculty values teaching/learning of students through student centred approach with variety of teaching methodologies. Livingstone school of nursing is dedicated to empower student with knowledge and skills to create new knowledge and understanding through the process of research enquiry


Our vision is to be a premier provider of nursing training through a commitment to quality education for students. The school will provide learners with tools for success through student’s centred learning.

Our Objectives

  • To remain committed to offering the best quality training accessible to all Zambians in a conducive learning atmosphere
  • To adhere to Government Health policy demands to scale up the human resource by increasing training of nurses and midwives
  • To understand and implement the Principles of Nursing / Midwifery Education in Zambia
  • To understand and apply the liberal arts and Sciences
  • To enhance critical thinking and language skills in reading, researching and writing, through PBL
  • To integrate the Christian worldview with the study of Nursing and Midwifery Sciences
  • To develop and apply good leadership skills to our students in readiness for integration in the community